“Are You An Alcoholic?”

When you ask yourself … when you wonder if you’re an alcoholic … you are.

How can I be so bold in coming to this conclusion without personally knowing your individual situation?

If you ask a friend, family member or loved one if he or she thinks you are an alcoholic … reality is … you are.

When people come to the point of asking about their own drinking, they know they are not drinking like other people.

Drinking is affecting their loved ones, their jobs and other facets of their lives.

If you are asking yourself this question, your question is answered.

Have you tried to be just a weekend drinker?

Or maybe your solution has been to just drink beer rather than hard liquor?

Or maybe you’ve tried to drink only for short periods of time when you are home?

If you are attempting to “control” your drinking, then you are out of control.

Reach out for help now.

You don’t have to experiment with options for “controlling” your drinking, because none of them will work.

By now, if you are asking if you are an alcoholic, this disease has started ripping away at your life.

When you think this disease has taken enough from you, it will take more, unless you get the help you need.

Only abstaining from alcohol and finding your Higher Power will begin to stop the hell of the disease from rolling out in your life.

I don’t want you to live what I have seen this disease do … the depth to which it will tear apart and destroy people’s lives.

I’ve taken the disease of alcoholism to the edge of the cliff – then I leaned over.

Our goal is to prevent you from living those levels of hell and suffering.

Brave Enough To Live is about helping, healing and getting your life back.

We are here helping those struggling … who are willing to admit they are alcoholics and/or addicts or dealing with depression and/or anxiety …  and they want their lives back.

The diseases of alcoholism, addiction, anxiety and depression are bigger than us and only a higher power can remove them.

There are NO hopeless cases.

Dave and I are both proof there are no hopeless cases.

We are both “level five” alcoholics, which are considered “hopeless” and supposedly the only thing left for the two of us was prison or death, as documented by doctors.

In my alcoholism, I had burned every bridge. The outside world, all except my mother, had given up on me.

When I walked into the 12-step program, I was 5′ 11″ and only 119 pounds with a haunting grey color of death.

The disease had wiped out all material things of my life.

Then it went into me and ripped away my passion, happiness and feelings leaving me an empty shell.

I was told by my doctor that treatment, at that point, was not an option, because I had already been through multiple treatment centers.

The unconditional love from my mother and horror of my mother watching her son dying from the disease was what it took for me to drag myself to the 12-step meetings.

And now I have four years sobriety by following the 12-step program to the letter … 90 meetings in 90 days was where I started.

And then 18 months of a 12-step meeting every day, ongoing meetings and a constant contact with my Higher Power.

Now I have doctors, nurses and treatment organizations asking for my advice to help other suffering alcoholics.

I have came from the bottom and the depths of hell of the disease.

Now I am a respected recovering alcoholic.

Many say I am a miracle, but I put in the work.

I don’t consider myself a miracle.

People who can and will apply the 12-steps, find their Higher Powers and put the work into sobriety can contain the diseases on a daily basis.

As long as I did the next right thing everyday … it was like a math equation … it had to come out to a positive result, which it did for me.

And it can for you too.

The next right thing … is for you to take the next right step … right now.

Jim “Zip” Hanson



3 Responses to ““Are You An Alcoholic?””

  1. Beth says:

    Thanks Jim for the inspirational blog post. I hope you continue to write. There are a lot of folks that can be helped by your stories.

    Another place to look for inspiration is Magdalene/Thistle Farms in Nashville. Becca Stevens is doing wonderful work with a residential program for women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, addiction and life on the streets. 72% percent of the women who join Magdalene are clean and sober 2 1/2 years after beginning the program. Amazing!

    Check out her website http://www.thistlefarms.org/

  2. Lori Swift says:

    Hey Jim,

    I agree with Sue … WOW … great blog post, so real. Looking forward to more.


  3. Sue says:

    WOW. Thank you, Jim, for that amazing share. I remember ‘wondering’ if maybe I had a problem with alcohol for YEARS before I finally hit my bottom. Now, I wonder if I would havehad asked for help sooner if I had only read something like what you just posted. Because as we know, nobody knows an alcoholic like another alcoholic. Thanks for being so real and telling it *exactly* like it is.

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