Good Day to All

Good Day to all my friends in my Life,

Today has been a trying day for me, I am going to the new Highland for Treatment.

I must be honest with you all, I am going to  be treated for the mental side of my disease. I will be the first one admitted to this Program in Dubuque, Iowa. It was the old Julian care facility.


Hillcrest bought the building, and they take over October 25 at 12 Midnight.  I will be admitted that morning as the first inpatient for mental illnesses and outpatient for Alcohol.

It is hard for me to have the label, but the funny part is I have no problem calling myself a DRUNK. As I move on to this part of my life I am scared and also exited for life.

I am hoping to Blog as much as I can on my progress to help others that don’t have this opportunity to go to a formal treatment. 

I still believe I have gone through hell to help others so they may avoid what I have gone through in my past.

I have hurt many of you who have been the closest to me.  

It sucks.

This is a way I can make amends to all I Love … mostly my three Boys.  (Love you guys!)

Dave Gaber

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