Hello Recovery


Hello, Recovery, my old friend.  It’s good to see you again.

It’s been three years since we were together.

I lost you and my way in life for those three years.

The first time I thought I found you, Recovery, you wore a mask, and it wasn’t you.

It was really just a masked drunk, a pause in the disease of alcoholism.

It was just a bottle waiting for me.  No matter how I dressed up the bottle, it was still poison to me.

Recovery, now in my life, is different.  You are the Recovery I have been looking for.

Just to let you know where I have been for the last three years, Recovery, I was looking for you, but I could not find you.

I was looking in all the wrong places.

Jail.  You were not there.

Living on the streets.  Thought I saw you, but did not run after you.

Looked for you in three treatment centers.  You were there, but I hid from you.  I was scared, and took the easier, softer way and planned my next drunk.

Then you started looking for me.

Wow, what a feeling.

Slowly you started to show your Love.  What a feeling this was.  Light at the end of the drunk tunnel.

But I still had to go out a few more times and just make sure that was the life I did NOT want.

Then surrendered to my Higher Power.  What a feeling.  AA and SASC starting to sink in.

Like layers of an onion, as I peeled them away, revealing the real me — discovering Recovery is my life.

I transformed from a drunk to a mentor.

Good bye, booze.

Hello, Recovery.  A place to be.  The new life I have chosen — to help myself and others.

Recovery, you were always there, waiting for me.  Strength.  Care.  Hope.

I no longer have to think of the drink as my way out.

Now, today, I pick through the good and bad.

I do the good and let the bad go, even if bad is all that seems to appear in my day.

All bad has good in it.

It is my choice to choose the drink or choose the good in things and life.

Recovery is Life to me.

Recovery is now who I am.

Dave Gaber



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