Lori’s Strange Way to Keep Faith

I really like mantras, otherwise known as incantations, affirmations, beliefs or thoughts you keep thinking.

Whatever they are called, here are some of my favorites.

I write these on recipe cards and have them hanging on my wall in front of my computer.

Then I write them on sticky notes and post them around my house.

Anyone who hangs out with me see these all over LOL.

It’s simple to do.

Just grab some recipe cards, I use the blank side.  I like to write with magic markers.  Purples, blues and pinks are my favorite colors.

Then I use sticky notes, yellow, pink and blues are among my favorites, and a blue pen.

Purple symbolizes higher power and wisdom.  Blue is belief.  Yellow is creativity and positive knowingness.  Pink is love.

Here are some of my favorite saying I have in front of me and all around me right now:

“My goal is to feel satisfaction, joy, love, positive knowingness and happiness.  Manifestation is secondary to feeling and vibration, which ARE most important to me!”

“Positive expectation, joy, satisfaction, happiness and love are my game.”

“Satisfaction aligning with positive expectation, love, happiness and joy is what I am about.”

“I live in positive expectation with no evidence for how I feel, just a theory, because everything I want is so I can feel better.  So I will now just feel better.  My goal is to align with feelings and vibrations of satisfaction, positive expectation, joy, love and happiness.”

Lori Swift





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