Measuring Your Life

I’ve found I can’t measure my life by other people’s ability to love.

I measure my life by my ability to love.

I realize my life is measured, and my joy is based, on how much I love, not on how loved I am.

How loved that I am means that I leave my well-being up to others.

And humans can be fickle.

Love me today … Forget me tomorrow sorta thing … And that can hurt.

To take back control of my own well-being, I depend on the person who is always there with me.


Me … smile.

I invite you to try these thoughts.  Imagine and feel this for even a few minutes.

What if you measured your life on how much you love, not on how loved you perceive yourself to be by others?

But on how much you can flow the feeling of love through yourself to yourself and outside yourself.

What if you measured yourself on how often love flows through you to beautiful things inside and outside yourself?

And if you can’t find beauty, how about finding peace?  Calmness?  Or whatever helps you feel better?

What if you measured yourself but what you can control and not what others do?

Can you feel how freeing this is?

You are amazing just the way you are.

You can increase your life, joy, satisfaction and love by increasing the amount of loving energy you send through yourself to others without any expectation or need for them to understand it, acknowledge it or give it back to you.

After all, when you send love to a flower, does it send love back to you?  (Actually it does, but that’s another blog post.)

Choose to feel increasing love for yourself and others more often and, using this formula, you will feel the measurement, worth, purpose and value of your life increase.

Lori Swift

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