New Day, Love to Lori

Stand under my umbrella …

I walk in the rain not aware I am cold, wet and lonely.

I am so wrapped up in myself.

I do not realize Lori, my  Love, is standing there dry and warm.

She is full of Love for me; offering me warmth, comfort and the passion she has in her heart.

My eyes are foggy by life’s fears and loneliness.

We are both lonely.

Lori is right in front of me, asking me to open my heart; willing to give me everything. Offering me her love.

I put up a wall.  I don’t want to be hurt or hurt another.

I am afraid we will get comfortable; then she would be gone.  I sit, scared and lonely.

I just did not seek out Lori and see the beauty by my side.

Lori asked me to come  into her arms, and I did not,  still not seeing the Love she had for me.

I look deeply into her eyes.  I see great Love, compassion, kindness and understanding.  The cloud of despair lifts.

I feel the warmth of her sweet breath, the smell of her love coming from her inner soul.

I am in Heaven.

Lori, you melted my heart of stone, reached my inner soul and shared your love of life with me.

New Day!

How amazing you are.

Your smile.

Your face.

You bring sunshine into a world of darkness.

I feel the warmth of sun on my face.  A feeling that I am somebody.

Lori you gave me that.  Thank You.

Two people becoming one for eternity in body and soul.

Love you, Lori.

My heart.  Your heart.

Your heart.  My heart.

The story of loving compassion.

Finding a life of understanding.

Happy to be happy.



To become one for eternity.

Soul mates, if you will.

 Love Dave

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