“Walking Through Hell and Finding Your Way Out”

When parents walk through the hell of drinking, drugging, anxiety or depression, they take their children with them.

Get help for all of you now.

Alcoholism, depression, anxiety and addiction are family diseases.  Everyone needs treatment and recovery, even if everyone doesn’t believe the are affected.

These diseases are contagious … whether the actual disease manifests in other family members or the disease of co-dependency or anger manifest.

There are many 12-step programs for members of families dealing with alcoholism, depression, anxiety and addictions, such as Al-Anon, Alateen and Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACoA).

If someone else’s drinking troubles you, attending Al-Anon/Alateen/ACoA Family Group meetings can help.

Some people are dual members of 12-step programs, because they are addicts or alcoholic and have family members who are also.

These members attend both the alcoholic or addict 12-step program and the 12-step program for family members.

If you are in a family with addiction, alcoholism, anxiety or depression, I invite you to attend 12-step meetings until you find your “home group.”

Your “home group” is the meeting(s) you feel most welcome and comfortable attending.

If you don’t feel comfortable at one group, then try another group meeting.

If you don’t feel comfortable, a great guideline is to attend 5 meetings before you decide if the 12-step program and the group is for you.

In the meetings we say, keep coming back, because it works if you work it.

I believe you will find the comfort, relief and abilities to get your life back in better shape than it was before you walked through the meeting doors.

Dave Gaber




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