What is Depression?

Depression is collapsing deeply into the dark, frightening shadows of myself and not letting any one in.

My own world.

Only I am allowed in.

In depression, I don’t want to look at the past, present or future

Just darkness.



I feel like the world will swallow me and wish it would.

Have you ever felt this way?

You are not alone.

I now realize alcohol moves me to depression faster.

My mind shuts off.

A world of my own.  It is not a good world to be.

When I go into this world, it collapses around me.

I surround myself with hopelessness, sorrow and self pity.

Familiar feelings.

Depression is home to me … a weird sort of comfort … a friend I don’t like, but feel comfortable with … may sound funny.

Depression is a fantasy word I have lived for a long time, not knowing reality.

A journey in a life I no longer want.

My Brave-Enough-To-Live.com co-creator Lori Swift says, “Depression comes, in part, from lies other people have told you about yourself and the world that you temporarily believe.”

My world of depression is full of lies.

Some mine.

Some from others.

Now I am seeing those sad, frightening lies I believed for years.

I am changing them.

I have made a choice to feel better, live better, love better and stop arguing for my own limitations and lies I lived in depression.

There is now hope in my life.  New loving reality is setting in.

It is a good feeling to look at the world in a whole new way.

Dave Gaber




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