“What To Do When Mr. Disappointment Crashes Your Party” By Miles

On a dark night, recently, I was dismayed to greet Mr. Disappointment, who had come to call on me once again.

These days, he often arrives to have a ‘party’ in my heart and mind.

Accompanying him were Ms. Cynical and her brothers, Skeptical and Pessimistic.

His other companions included Mr. Negativity, Madame Fear, Senor Impatience, Professor Judgmental and Mr. Hopeless.

My ‘guests’ lamented that we seemed no closer to a better life.

Madame Fear whispered that nothing could ever happen to remove the darkly inclined from power.

Professor Judgmental opined that the talk about Love, Light, Recovery and similar subjects and messengers were a waste of time.

Pessimistic even dared to claim that evidence about a consciousness shift was a hoax, a sentiment his friends applauded.

Have Mr. Disappointment and his friends crashed your ‘party’?  Are your experiences similar to mine?

Let me tell you what I did to break up the ‘party’.

I invited special guests of my own who completely overshadowed Mr. Disappointment and his friends!

My new guest list included Mr. Optimistic and his partner, Ms. Positive, Mr. Hopeful and Professor Discernment, M. Courage, Senorita Patience and her fiancé Senor Determination and, finally, Sir Unconditional Love.

Faced with such a formidable group of joyfully, Love-centred guests, the dark visitors quickly lost their power and retreated into the shadows of my mind.

Now, whenever Mr. Disappointment pays me a visit (and he does love to arrive unannounced), I simply alert my positive, courageous friends of the Light.

Mr. Disappointment and his friends disappear in the blink of an eye leaving my heart and mind calmly in space of positive knowingness.

I can feel the world to improve … from inside my peaceful, receptive space.

Yours lovingly,


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